About Trinity

Trinity Consulting Group (TCG) are a unique partnership of senior international advisers who function as consultant, coach, and confidante to the people at the very top of organisations.

Our mission is to significantly improve the performance of the CEO, the board and executive team by developing their individual and collective thinking and behaviour. In doing so, this helps them govern, lead and manage their organisations more effectively ensuring that they identify and address the optimum strategic agenda and jump the achievement curve.

Today, companies face a business climate that is complex, fraught, and volatile. The demands on leaders are immense as their organisations are challenged to perform faster, cheaper, smarter, and add new value propositions and business models. For those at the top of the corporation, it can feel a bit like trying to play speed-chess, on a three dimensional board, with an ever-changing set of opponents!

In these circumstances, even the very best can be slowed or derailed by the need to perform differently at the top. In developing the company for its markets, leaders must also develop themselves. So, the question we address is “What do you need to develop in the people and processes at the very top of the company in order to significantly improve the performance of the whole corporation?”

In tackling this critical issue, a typical TCG engagement might combine elements of:

1. Acting as Confidante to the CEO…

2. Developing and Accelerating the Executive Team’s Collective Performance…

3. Evaluating and Strategically Advancing the Board.

Other interventions, such as facilitating strategic thinking, “off-site retreats”, assisting the organisation to change and advice on leadership development, are also often utilised.

The benefits delivered depend upon the issues tackled. In general terms these lead onto:

1. Enhanced leadership of the company…

2. Improved alignment and cohesiveness within, and between, the CEO, board and executive team…

3. Increased capability at the top, with a higher set of performance standards.

In working with our clients to examine and develop their thinking, behaviour, and execution they go onto become more effective in delivering excellence in the critical areas of creating or interpreting market shifts, in setting business strategies, and at implementing key changes.